14 March 2011

Don't fall asleep with these conservatives

As I've previously written, the Senate has passed the bill (SB23) that would end Milwaukee's paid sick leave ordinance.  This was authored by the extremist tea partier Leah Vukmir who seems to be thoroughly enjoying the party up in Madison with all of her elected republican knuckleheads.  As far as malevolent and stupid goes, Ms. Vukmir takes the cake.  She has famously stated during a hearing on medical marijuana, "You can read all the research you want, there's no evidence that says it's effective."  With those precise powers of deduction, it's no wonder Ms. Vukmir has authored this catastrophic bill that, much like the budget repair bill, wipes out years of work by working class folks trying to earn a living.

They can tell us over and over again that they are not attacking the working class.  But they can't con their way out of this.  It's as clear as mud what these power mongers are after.

If you are concerned about this bill passing the assembly as AB12 JR1 of the special session, contact your representative:
Let her/him know how you feel.

If we fall asleep for one minute with this elected crew, we'll wake up in 1898.

These republicans have got to be the most heartless I've seen since the party tried the reformation as compassionate conservatives.  Obviously that was short-lived.

Over and out.

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