03 April 2011

MPS vs Voucher Schools

“Wisconsin students have a fundamental right to an equal opportunity for a sound basic education … one that will equip students for their roles as citizens and allow them to succeed economically and personally.”
                                                Wisconsin Supreme Court
                                                          Vincent v Voight (2000)
Did you know ...
  • Your child in Milwaukee is not receiving the same opportunities for an education as children in neighboring districts?
  • MPS elementary schools are being forced to choose between keeping class sizes smaller or offering specials like art, music, and gym?
  • MPS has cut nearly 1,000 teaching positions over the last three years due to the current school funding formula?
  • Milwaukee lost out on $25.6 million in education funding because choice students are not included in the state’s funding program?  The state saves $2,000 per child in the voucher program.
  • The government is not living up to the federal mandate for funding of Special Education and the No Child Left Behind Act.
  • Approximately 95 million of our tax dollars is funneled to voucher schools every year, Walker's budget increases that amount, and lifts the limit on families that can apply for vouchers?
A.          hire certified teachers
B.           perform criminal background checks on employees
C.          abide by open records and meetings laws
D.          or report graduation rates or other student achievement data.
E.           offer services for children with special needs.
  • Because of the current revenue caps legislation, MPS is unable to fund critical programs adequately?  Proposed TPA legislation will make it worse.
Our children’s futures depend on what we do now.  Contact your state representative or state senator (http://legis.wisconsin.gov/) for more information or to voice your opinion.  And, make sure to vote!

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