26 July 2011

Ron Johnson, Savior of the Universe! and Debt Arbiter

Dear Senator Johnson,

I am writing to urge you to collaborate with your fellow senators to come to a compromise with the Democrats on how to effectively raise the debt ceiling, cut spending, and, heaven forbid, raise revenue.
Frankly I didn't see what was wrong with the plan proposed by the "Gang of Six".  That seemed to address both cuts and raise revenue.   I see this as a great opportunity for you, a freshman Senator from Wisconsin.  You have been pretty quiet so far, laying low, biding your time.  This could be it!

I understand that the Republicans, of which you are one, are under a mandate not to cooperate with the Democrats.  That’s very funny (interesting not laughable) because I recently encountered a similar problem.  I was visiting my son’s third grade classroom – they work in groups and solve problems collectively.  They’re not competing with each other to take credit for the answer.  They strive to solve the problem together.  That immediately reminded me of congress and how convoluted our elected officials are that cooperation and collaboration have become dirty words in Washington.

One of the problems it seems is that many people in the country mistakenly believe that government ought to be run like a business.   But as you know from running your own businesses our government is not a business.   Businesses are created to earn owners and/or shareholders a profit.  Our government was created to provide for the welfare of the people - as our Constitution clearly reads (Prelude & Art. 1 Sec. 8).  Not once in the Constitution does it direct the government to turn a profit.   It is therefore a mistake to think that elected officials should be acting like CFOs in charge of a massive conglomerate.  That just isn’t how our government is supposed to function.

Even if our government were to function like a business, I think you would agree that negotiation and compromise would still be essential in order to make deals.  Businesses negotiate and deal 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   I don’t have to tell you about how to do business.  You’re doing a remarkable job that most of us should respect.  You managed to turn $8m spent on campaigning into an $8m business reimbursement.   Now that’s some slick maneuvering that we could use about now up on the Hill.  Some of that savvy could be just what is needed to break the stalemate and get legislation passed that raises the debt ceiling, makes $2.5t in cuts and raises $1.5t in revenue.    After all we need to come up with a $4t austerity package.  If anyone can do that you can.

Our country needs your leadership in Washington not the incessant bickering and whining of media driven lawmakers seeking attention by holding up legislative processes without warrant. 

I know that Republicans (of which you are one) have made a pledge not to raise taxes, but that’s your job.  Congress has the job of raising taxes and providing for the welfare of the people (see Constitution Article 1, Sections 1-10).  Many legislators would like to think that the wealthiest people are the only ones that matter because they contribute to the political coffers.  But unfortunately elected officials also have to represent the other 90% of Americans.  That may come as a disappointment to some but as a freshman Senator from Wisconsin this could be your big opportunity to make a name for yourself!

It may be that too many millionaires (of which you are one, by the way) have been elected to congress and have too much of their own interests at stake.  This could be a problem for some but elected officials, such as you, have been elected to overlook their own interests with the interests of the people as a priority.

For example, PACUR has employed many Wisconsinites (and Chinese) and provided for their well-being or directed them to available resources for health care insurance such as Badger Care (or the local clinic for factory workers – a concrete compound with a guy in a white coat who calls himself a doctor after he earned  a high school diploma from a vocational school that trains "tooth doctors").  Through your philanthropy as a business owner, you are responsible for the well-being of hundreds of workers.  Those typical American workers rely on each pay check to make ends meet.  Many have no savings.  Many are struggling to afford health insurance with a $5,000 deductible and $800/mo premium.  Many are managing this feat on less than $26,000/yr.  

But here I am rambling on about how you have contributed to society.  Someone might accuse me of being irreverent.  But I know that you don’t see it that way because you are a Senator of principle.  You have a strong belief that you were elected to make this country healthy.  And I agree.  Here’s a great way to start.  Now is your opportunity to put aside party politics and come to a cooperative deal – a compromise.  You’d stand out as the first Republican.  You’d break the deadlock.  It’d be politically advantageous – your popularity numbers would soar.   Yes, I think you’d earn points with Liberals.

Unlike many of my friends and colleagues I have faith that our elected officials can act responsibly and pass the necessary legislation that insures America is heading in the right direction.  I believe that even though we may not be on the same partisan side of the coin you share my sentiment that the people who were elected to make these decisions can come together and create equitable legislation that represents every American and especially looks after the neediest among us who cannot afford to make themselves heard. 

I trust that your leadership as a successful businessman can help congress reach bipartisan legislation that puts you, I mean Wisconsin, on the map.   

Thank you for your time and good luck - we'll need it.
Ron Johnson really is a dick.  He posted this interview on his own website.  Would you be proud of yourself acting like a total dick on national TV?

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