30 September 2011

The Fuckers at Wisconsin's DHS

The fuckers at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services have proposed as part of their money saving scheme to slash the amount of recipients to the Badgercare system.  The inhumane bastards care little for the concept of government providing for the welfare of the people.  In this new age, government officials care more about turning a profit or balancing the budget rather than about the people the government has been created to protect.

These officious pricks are busy taking largess salaries and claiming nice benefits while denying the rest of us equal benefits.  This is utterly outrageous.  They are the pigs lining the rest of us up for slaughter.

"Dear Dennis Smith, you dirty rat,

I am shocked to hear that this proposal includes eliminating hard working families with employment but unaffordable health coverage through their employers.

This seems to me beyond comprehension and terribly malicious.  I work a full time job but my employer only covers 75% of the cost of my premiums.  The rest of my family receives no employer benefits.  The result of this is that my annual premium is $12,000 with a $3,000 deductible.  The Wisconsin DHS has now determined that I should pay this outrageous premium.  This ridiculous sum totals nearly half of my annual salary.  Although this egregious blackmail is not yet illegal, it is positively primeval and unethical.  Because while my family suffers the fat fucking coffers of health care executives grow ever fatter like pus filled zits. 

The DHS would have me believe that I am on my own then to find affordable health care?  As it has happened, our saving grace through this great recession has been the government's care and oversight of health care through BadgerCare.  Without the very effective BadgerCare system my family would find itself in dire straits (evidently the great asshole of Wisconsin would like this to be so). 

One of the roles of government is to provide for the welfare of the people.  BadgerCare accomplished that mission.  Removing people from the program is tantamount to a calamitous offense committed against the citizenry of Wisconsin.

Rather than cutting hardworking citizens tending to their families from their health care provisions, how about addressing some of the outrageous monetary gains made by local hospitals and health care providers.  Yet, it is far easier to attack the weakest among us than it is to address the real problems in our society - greed and avarice of the wealthy capitalist glutton pigs.

Well it's appalling to think that my family and others in the same situation as us will lose health care coverage only to find out what so many other families in America already know too well that no affordable health care option exists. 

Although there is nothing I can probably do to convince this agency of the inherent error in its ways, I sincerely hope that these methods of saving a buck over protecting people will be seriously rethought.  In addition I invite you all to kiss my ass and get thee with godspeed to hell."

You sons of bitches.  We all get the message being transmitted: All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.


  1. My question is this: WHY is your health insurance HALF of your annual salary? The problem is as much with your company and its health insurance as it is with the Wisconsin government. Also, based upon what you suggest about your salary, you are practically at poverty level (assuming you have a family of four), and with half your salary taken away, you are CLEARLY AT POVERTY LEVEL! How can our country, at either the national or state level, allow this to happen to its hardworking citizens? Wisconsin's DHS are merely the pawns of Corporate America, which is shameful.

  2. Our health care system is obviously run by the health care providers and health insurers. The government seems incapable of (or unwilling to) regulating pricing. As a result, costs are sky rocketing. Inflation in the health insurance industry has risen as much as 10 times the rate of inflation (as reported by ABC News in February of 2010). Studies have shown that health care expenses have risen twice as much the Consumer Price Index. What are our elected officials doing? They are cutting people from effective government plans rather than expanding coverage. It's really quite despicable. At the same time, the head honchos at the health insurance companies are pulling in millions in salaries and bonuses (see sick for profit). So, tell me, who's getting the fist?