28 December 2011

War Cry on Iran Thundering from the Right

The idea of attacking Iran's nuclear facilities, thundering in all its fury, comes from the neocons of the administration of former US President George W. Bush, a historian says.

"The Iran war is the brainchild of the neocons of the Bush-Cheney administration," Michael Carmichael wrote in an article, A Call for Peace: Say NO to America's Military Adventure, published in Global Research.

"Over the past eight years, our military intelligence establishment working hand-in-glove with other shadow agencies of other nations has been building up the notion of a casus belli against Iran predicated upon their allegedly clandestine nuclear arms program," he added.

Carmichael also pointed out that former US Vice President Dick Cheney argued for war against Iran as early as 2002 and 2003 in top secret meetings of the national Security Council.

He also warned that the Military-Industrial-Complex (MIC), which is advancing rapidly towards the robotification of war via drones for surveillance and targeted assassinations, is moving inexorably toward war with Iran.

The author also lashed out at the US and its ally Israel for beating the drums of war against Iran and creating "Iranophobia, a fear of the nation and people of Iran."

"If America and Israel were psychiatric patients, their condition would be described as delusional. Instead, our government and our obeisant media are doing everything in their power to brainwash the American people to inculcate into their psyches the fear of every molecule of Iranian origin," he said.

As the war rhetoric against Iran has intensified in the past week, the analyst concluded that "with the pace of war against Iran now thundering in all its fury, it is time to mobilize once again to demand peace."

Washington and Tel Aviv have repeatedly threatened Tehran with the "option" of a military strike, based on the allegation that Iran's nuclear work may consist of a covert military aspect.

Iran argues that it has the right to develop and acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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