09 December 2011

Is war with Iran inevitable?

The western world seems to be gearing up for an overt conflict with Iran. First, the UN bought the US argument to impose further sanctions. This was followed by several European countries withdrawing diplomats - obvious precursors for something in the works.

If and when the US gets involved, it should not surprise anyone. The US has been pushing for military action on Iran since the Islamic religious takeover of 1979.

Since 1979, the US government has made little to no effort to initiate diplomatic ties with Iran. Instead covert operations have been continuously enacted culminating in the downing of a US spy drone a few days ago.

The government's position on Iran has been set in stone since 1979 and there has been little done to effect change.

The true cost of sanctions and political posturing by both governments is felt the hardest by the Iranian people.

Economic sanctions do little to shake the resolve of the Islamic regime and at the same time deepen the resentment toward America. Sanctions and covert operations add more fuel to President Ahmadinejad's often intemperate behavior. But US policy also lends the Iranian regime more credibility.

Rather than seek to further divide the countries by removing diplomatic ties, now is the time to re-establish an ambassadorial presence.

But the current is swiftly moving against that. Many wogs in Washington are actually pushing for military operations initiated by Israel against nuclear facilities in Iran. Any attack will most certainly lead to a war in which the US is a key figure.

This is precisely what we should be working to avoid. But the war mongers and fear mongers are directing the show now.

Even though Pres. Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize he shows very little interest in acheiving world peace. The US continues to terrorist attacks.  Why was a spy drone flying in the air space of a sovereign nation?  Can you imagine the hell that would break loose if a Chinese spy plane crashed in the Bible Belt?

The 2012 election won't change anything.  No Republican even has an inkling of peace. A vote for a Republican is a vote for a definite war.

Will any rational voices calling for diplomacy be heard over the pounding war drum?

It's doubtful.

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