07 June 2012

BBC Captures the Brutality of Extreme Right Hate Groups in Poland and Ukraine ahead of Euro 2012

This is a broadcast called Stadiums of Hate recently released by the BBC. Reporter Chris Rogers and cameraman Jon Hillyer present video and commentary after witnessing devastatingly nefarious acts of extreme racism, abuse, antisemitism, and barbaric violence. Sol Campbell advises not to attend the football matches but instead watch from home.
The new radical right movement in Ukraine and Poland paints a worse than ugly picture of what we very well could see develop here in the States. The footage captured by the BBC in the buildup to Euro 2012 is shocking and brutal. The new great (as in widespread and massive not as in good or beneficial) movement of our time is a call to nativism and nationalism. And it's scary stuff. The interviews and chantings are chilling, the video footage purely wicked and reprehensible.

If the video below doesn't work, try here.

Panorama - Euro 2012 Stadiums of Hate from Rosiboj on Vimeo.

Frightening glimpses of what could be at Euro 2012. Now extend the imagination just a bit.

Just imagine if this type of violent movement were to spread to America, if it has not already, where there are more guns than people. It's more likely than many of us wish to acknowledge. Investigate similar hate groups in the US by visiting the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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