04 November 2015

peat moss

we should die so that i could get respite
but not
lose you in the emptiness if
their desiring eyes
canvas the curved territory of your saucy figure
fugues of indistinct harmonies
damp sucking

and she is thirsty in her one legged pants
hobbling from her cassava farmer's minefield
as nutty as we are to
that someone
or this union
could do something

many years ago arrogant lines drawn and plasticine explosive mines
planted in the peat moss

today she's crowned miss landmine
and tears aren't enough
to absorb
the neglect
of kissinger

08 June 2015

As it is today

Today you've got questions
, and to provide water
and electrolytes
(and PH, for sure)
they've worked so I put
these questions to both
of you
as an {associate and} another one
specifically for those as it pertains
to graduation and entrance 

[que]stions, as it may be
               are all these questions worth
the qualification?
whether it begin or end
             to whither or flourish
from an operating technician's point of view
   there is little difference
other than the sound
    the presence of a midwife
of course biochemists think this way too
  and that's got to be reassuring
especially to anesthesiologists
                 or loved ones of the

                  gather them all in 2009
  all the strands are available //.gob.ve
in this series there
           where we sit at the end and the start

22 May 2015

Some Limericks

This is about a kid called Owen
Who constantly wanted to be goin'
He went left and right
Through the dark of night
Now he's lost in parts unknow'n

Tenzin's got a vivid imagination
In his mind, there's a whole creation
It's really like a book
That's quite worth a look
And he's not constrained by pagination


Nathaniel lives by the rule of thumb
That time keeps moving like a beating drum
One day it will stop
to the ground you'll drop
And you'll return to where you came from

Walker and WEDC

What a joke good old WI is quickly becoming.  And what's become of our major newspaper the Journal/Sentinel?

It's as passive an entity as the Democratic party.

I clearly remember back in 2011 the praise the Journal heaped upon Governor Walker's creation of the WEDC.  I remember because I was still subscribing to that rag of a paper that has become a comfy armchair for Christian Schneider's conservative buffoonery.

I also remember just a few critics pointing out quite rightly that the WEDC was a wonderfully opaque curtain created just so Mr. Walker could push money via loans into the pockets of some of the people who helped him gain his seats of power.  For goodness sake, he erected himself as chairman and no one was the wiser.

These days, Mr. Walker has admitted WEDC is a failure, and in so doing admits that the Republican plan for "creating" jobs has also failed.

Either he's been fired from his chairmanship or he's resigned.  It doesn't matter.  He's no dummy.  He saw the writing on the wall that WEDC is in trouble and has been for some time.  He's reaped what he could from it now he'll step away and churn the words that money buys - the propaganda gears are turning.

The torn WEDC pieces will be cleaned up in some very simple press release brush strokes that the populace, who are simply nodding heads at this point, will dote over as aesthetically pleasing art overlooking the sheer inanity behind it. 

Hear the Republican chant now: we were elected to change and WEDC is not working so we're going to make changes (all said as Waukesha Co. roars with approval claps and pats on the back - "those good old Republicans know a thing or two about cleaning up messes" - "well they ought to they've created more than a few" - catch my drift?)

Republicans control the state of affairs in the State.  Democrats are handcuffed by the majority.  The result of this lopsided legislature is nearly complete failure on every level. 

By diverting taxes to fees on parks use, on bike use, on court use, on school use, on air use, the squirrelly Republicans can chime the mantra that they've cut taxes but it's all parlor tricks.

The budget is completely out of whack. So they've had to make drastic cuts and major fee increases.  And the jobs they keep blathering about are mostly low wage part-time and full-time work that simply do not pay people enough to spend beyond the necessities, which means the economy still flounders.  But minimum wage doesn't matter...sell it to the daisies, dingo. 

As Republicans bolster their propaganda scheme, Wisconsin slides into the obscurity of states to be avoided.  Why come to WI when MN is so inviting.

There'll be no improvement here anytime soon. 

And it could get a lot worse. 

Just think that if for some completely mind boggling unexplainable reason Mr. Walker were to become president, we'd be left with Rebecca Kleefisch as governor. 

03 April 2015


my friend wanted me to buy his booger
for a dollar and a half
i offered him fifty cents
which i guess was a gaffe

because he looked at me with a frown
and said it was his best snot
i felt bad about my mistake
so out my money i got

just as i was about to give him my cash
i felt a sneeze of my own coming on
i spit all over the moolah
and his prized mucus was gone

but i had a cash cow in my hand
the biggest gooey slime
had flown from my nose
that day i made 2 dollars and a lime

29 March 2015


malodor of foul potato
resurrects the scent
of fortunes and fables
in an awakening dawn

bait the hook alarm the
only saints walk at this
only the glassy eyes of the
walleye carp
crappie or

muskellunge {ojibwe's
ugly pike} bellows
cast past the vast orifice of the bass
mouth or the sawed
snout of the northern
exhausted in solitude on
an eerie lake

5 hundred million years of life fated
says destiny
today captured
tomorrow sibilated

purify the teleost

cooked in lard and fried for dinner


monks relax
clap debate
i talked to a monk
for forty-five minutes
he never asked my name
he never asked my age
he didn't wonder why
i was there
he asked where i came from
i asked him why
he was there
he talked about food
and living
and meditating
by himself alone
without drink women sport tv
stress in smoggy streets
up above
lofty mount climbs w/
pale conefirs
sleepy luring bird songs
his answers he gives me
paint only impressionist
smiles, he's all smiles
at 20 he's all


all the edges looked burned
decidedly insightful
standing there on the cliffs
overlooking the pale blue sky
filling the sad sea
ocean-caressed shore dotted with craggy charcoal
rocks & jet coral
{pilfered for medallions and statues
illegally harvested} branches
on underwater trees
reaching thru family trees
two stared into silence

she wondered (as was her
methods) why he didn't
her the way she was used to [used to do
when they fell] asleep close
d on each other 's warmth of under
drapes / she wondered why - with the power
of her mind - (shadowy imprecise
bundle that, love)
why she didn't roll over and rest
her head on his
pale bony shoulder 

it's she said like burnt toast
           so                      crunchy     so delicious  
        ly salty

craggy in her mind
he stared
sticky hands cheeks

06 March 2015


i’ve left you these are the words
as much as i wished as much
for you or me
gazing out holding your shoulder
upon the ojingeo bae
lights glowing pinpoints in blackness
sneaking through the barriers
buoyed by trained
scrutiny or an overdeveloped awareness with marching
orders. clear enough as

you might expect {only as real as mind’s connections}
calculating furlongs in fortnights
your face as near to mine
you were my all
and my everything except these
that i leave with wishes
tethered in time

there’s nothing else for it
except to leave you this
my only belongings.

01 March 2015


i've been redacted.

i've bee n e ra sed a     ure        al


first there was one
afraid but undaunted     willingly
subject to disgrace, symptomatic
affliction made prey
upon within isolated cooperatives {coops} co-opted
beleaguered conglomerates
to live to survive to imagine
ultimately alone.

after the jibes & jaunts of the explicable, then
    inexplicable (surprising, it may seem)
      we thrust upon us, arrives the birth
of a second - the a priori twin - such a sweet
ghostly visage
who shouts *yelps* "i am!"
  who sees what physically
limited cannot; who resides in
   the aethereal ephemera of forms
     far to near too distant from here
      also here where there is no here here
       (or there there for that matter)
   in effect, pure grandeur:eternity

, immortality, the pristine fundamental idee
elusive in it's humanity - interacting
     mingling, engaging   in    phatic
       small-talk discussing amongst
others [how well are you doing?] the nature of
consciousness. the gist of whom relates to whom
                  or womb to womb
         as non-physical instantaneously
      becomes physical
{{as she wonders} i wander
too distantly..}

contemporaneously one has become many, contemplated
that of those master of mind, a collective as
 {plaster of paris coats}
 microbial bacteria, trillions to be
    sure, amount to the illusion
     we are one or i am one to your beauty
  to hold constructs surrounding
the complex biomes at work
below the surface within the surface
          the fractal patterned
source of simple [simply complicated]
single cells.

remember about judging books or false-claiming
indivisibility - reserved for one, which you are not
nor am i nor are we, despairingly,
as elusive as manageable [-ness of creative
thought worth your open eyes drawn toward
the light of the ceiling in
the fan
feels] like chaos but is really probability+
statistical maneuvering, hoovering
as full of soul to empty the tank
      -ards after desultory celebration, 
yet, it could be as simple as me holding you
or you holding your hand-in-hand
mine. and in the end it's just the end.
and that's wonderful if you ask me.

{but no one is} 

24 February 2015

how we call something when we call it

how we call something when we call
it, rambunctious labels as deleterious
as innocuous - is it possible to be a vacuous
configuration {question} -
but always categorizing every experiential^fragment
from the first gasping breath to the very second in which we begin
again. it's magnified

in comparisons when one thinks
in truths as contrast at its heart to just
one will of the world. imagine our friend spinoza without
his definitions or the main-man wittgenstein without
red. now ellipsis means more than
circular reasoning > has in store. and which pause is real?

extremist rhetoric: babbling bombasts patter
preeningly clamoring for the attention of
the vacant eyes & ears desperately clinging
to the sounds of words that carry some far off notion
of what it means to call something something (hence,
   the gesticulation). shrouded with images

the question has to be what benefits come from bamboozling
ideas $ things into boxes? to better know them
so as to alienate or differentiate or pontificate. as ourselves
as ours mimed in silent performances fomenting
lickety split = right away mr
Speaker = obsequious as silk stuffing
in a teddy bear shirt - like jelly beans
with mountainous
     hash tags as friendships.

number s dupe as symbolic as the others
aligned amidst a {ready for it} [it's the denoument]
world laden in endless strife. the suffering
guides the destruction of plasticine pictures
captured without regard & less is more. they believe
and we abide. our essence

is the same as all other phenomena. in harming them
we harm ourselves ... % agitation of strife can be
overcome by identifying with others. he's talking
about empathy there i think.  alas the renaming
means freedom for the deliverer but binding for
the receiver. and bound and boundless and

by the hollow significances that are our intentions
as calls for constant alienation constantly resonate
in the halls of the conventions
where determinations of codified identifications
perform a theatrical interplay. remember the design
for unification - unity is a ploy - 

why so worried about how to do? why so nervous - friend +
what;'s there to do but spend?: spent your time puzzling over the latest
spat between party makers, spent the days driveling over the gushers
& look where that got {amen sister}
transitions. closer to an essence
that doesn't belong in dreamy reality ^ offered ^ we
nonchalantly kick the bucket.

13 February 2015

lost again or my common unnerving struggles with intermittent dementia

lost again
it's lost again
just when i thought it was where
it was supposed to be
it was all pretend

i could have
remembered better
i could have branded it in my brain
just to find it there
where i thought i left it fettered

they're fleeting
transient occasions,
thoughts are, filtered thru the minutiae
of every second of awareness
a sentient being takes a place in

form perfunctory
chores that leave precious little
room to store where
i've put my damn property

are only things, true
and things can be replaced, of course
but i really wanted to never let
this one thing loose

it's reality
that does this to me
the realization i can't hold on to
the prizes that i've stored
along my countless journeys

so what? as
i knew you would say
and maybe it's nothing and never was
something or maybe it's
a sign of mental decay

i'm getting
old - so are you -
with full stores and little room for new
shelves or newer
ideas to peruse

it's a place
i've been often
not knowing how i've got to
where i am or if
i'm any nearer my own coffin

that's not to
be bleak or morbid
just an observation i hide in storage
as i search thru
all of the things i thought i'd already sorted

i'll never
find it not like this:
upset, worn, and flustered i should 
break down and admit
this search i may as well dismiss

it's lost now
i won't track it down
no matter what closet i look in
or rug i lift
the damned thing's not to be found

it's like that,
life, i suppose
things come in and then they go

for the life of me, though,
after all of this commentary,
i can't remember what i've lost
or why it was even necessary

07 February 2015

mush {sponsored by Life® Cereal}

There's some special enmity reserved for blizzards and such
and white creamy viscous mush
like the lush who the librarian has to constantly hush
   {-ed up exchanges drawn
                                    rigidly like bars of cages
     back and within politician's darkened negotiations - that's euphemism, comrade}
Stuck in muck with cars smashing and hashing 
amidst broken plastic and bent up alloys
                    nothing as depressing as an auto that won't go or as desolate as a cold
            bowl of old
        soggy oat
    meal with beaten up raisins in the deal
who wants to eat that anyway?
not even the dog likes the look of it
 /Insinkerators® eat indiscriminately/
Intertwined along the same
lines are the produce selections
   Don't we deserve to know where it comes from
and who picked it?
       Now  Let's talk candidly about the warming oceans...It's easy to forget
about the fishes we don't see or hear their wishes
               in canned tuna (in Cancun!) with Parasite Eyes
                                                           Pull them out and slop them down
Do we really think
we have a negligible effect?
And then there's the sausage
it's torture really we don't like to admit it whether it falls or sticks whether it's tall or kicks;
it's coping mechanism 101 or denial 202...
and we're acing it
It's a million little plastics:blocks on the floor in [sic] kid's playroom (sure fortunate to have a playroom don't get the wrong idea or intimate there's a different issue altogether) that's damned impossible to walk thru in the dark {!workout¡} without
stepping on
                                   blasted nuisance
       "falling stalling slippery slush all fluffy and heavy and cold to touch"
what about the trees? will they be blown away or their roots
damaged or the dishes cracked¿
it has to be asked
Even though nothing can{ned™ gods©} be done about t t t it [insert emoticon winking eye] traveling's the thing                                                                 it can't be done so sew,
wait [under weight overweight heavy weight], and watch
 ssss tall ed by blizzards and such
She says "isn't it lovely so fresh and innocent"
but she knows there's nothing innocent about it
Because someone has to clean it up.

04 February 2015


I have a question: is the average based on only the overall exams at what percentage and how does the written factor in?

Your final is this your final examination or
are you crzy
freshman dances?


That''s not enough to perform the top 80% - LOL u r not in line w/ quals.

Read the blog posted Black.

what called black? is that real

God's hymen
eh? =a-dhknrhyhadd :] maybe he's drinking.

Congrats on you're enthusiasm and zeal! say it w/ love and confidence.

Hi there you do not just talk begin field your face and your RANK
I remember the educational answers percentage wise but not
the background
otherwise I don't know - ashamed

I ttly agree with medicine thirty two @pegah look #hotstuff that's what makes perfect
sense. JCSS

unfortunately not - depending on the outcome top it off


@mongrel so good that someone might have a negative impact on the average sensation #examkeeper not to far off bit.s/hxcw/h56

now that's talking.

@sensationalhairlip here's a notice you might like hjf/skko.skjjkd/lpi check on then gbtm

@cncrashonmi not sure about the results could be #godlike but not surprised

I'm so nervous I'm 88 yrs old and have no influence. i don't know how they work maybe
up or down.

there always talking about casualties @hairlip now #medicalemergency not just walking away!

Such a law if ever I heard one...your ability to trust in God...sing his praise

You can put up to 3 months to get married?
I think you know what I mean
For success in exams and achieve what you want is a set of factors that go hand in hand equation is one of them!
All these factors together like gears that are Mvnnd that would play
       a particular purpose.
Try your quest for success

I have 1 question?
One of my friends was just experimental mathematics education consultant told her region did not affect the GPA
Aya, right?
Courses not even shared the same effect?

Incidentally, this is the time to ask some other people... That is now fixed share of 25% (for the string is less than 25%) of the rank of exams, 
the final exam will be taken and tests are now 75 

Thanks so much everybody for all the clarification! God be praised #gogodgo

31 January 2015

Mind's eye

When I heard you were still alive Bushfires raged wildly across my mind's landscape

When I saw that you remembered me it triggered a flood of reminiscences long ago tapped down by fire hydrant outlet cap or sucked into the cavernous everthirsting cracks or vaporized in voluminous emptyness of sub zero space

When you reached out to touch me I nearly disappeared

In that smile the world slipped away

In your eyes relentless time held no sway

In this rickety mind a cobbled together patchwork misshapen images words jumbled up clips like a freshman's notebook

What memories! I don't know where memories go

Off to Barbados with the set of keys mislaid

here's the day I met you he was off tending bar in Bangkok but he's come back again - those nights with Lao drinking Chang having run the tuk tuk through the young lads with adult foreigner suitors and that's all a wickedness in itself but I was there with you I'm sure of it or did I only read about it and then picture us there because I wanted to do everything with you - a tad exhausted

he's changed but how would I know maybe he's exactly the same as I remember

Did that really happen like that?

O and look who else has meandered slopingly in not to be undone I guess - just looks h e r part really

on the Lawn you so tenderly eyeing the scene all ague bit so lovely with your hair  dripping down and your half curled up smile on one side

Where was she? - Exploring the acidic wasteland on the bowels of the Gobi

Kind of unreal how a whole life can subsist tucked in there (in where?) snug and sound

Moons to moons and Suns to Suns
$ and cents
This that can't match the mining

I don't know anymore which of those were real but I do know that a while ago I stopped caring they are mine and I'll treasure them whether they #accuratelyreflect reality or not mine to mine or cultivate

What is reality anyway other than perception = so be it

Sure you shrug you scoffer "what if I inflict pain then is your reality only perception?" Yes the short answer is. Esse est percipi.

Until I lose my mind that's what I have + they are timeless everything synchronous

I close my eyes to see space boundless

Chimes the clock and I see again I tell myself I won't forget this feeling I won't forget this moment

I see it like it's right there right now but the only bits I can retrieve are me reminding myself not to forget that moment but I can't see what that moment was

And I wonder how will I mold this moment and what it will resemble when I try to reassemble it in a future time [will it only be what I emphasize?] - deterioration of remembrance minerals thru recurring excavation cycles - it might be a sales pitch for a retrieval system - in through the adit out through the exhaust shaft.com...

And what is the future? Isn't everything that happens already the past

Will I only remember that I didn't want to forget something significant? and who's asking anyway?

Where's the Wire s zig & zag in gnarled balls crammed together in an ephemeral borderless world I know when I open my eyes I'll still be in the room with the noisy air duct my wife never fails to remind me to fix and as I think it I start to hear it

Have you heard about this: The memory nebulae? bristling bustling subsiding dwindling alight birthing dying all synapses and neurons {-al} circuits connected, closed or opened flipping pages of experiences all as real as imaginary or imagined as reality   

A dark night on frog land a sky radiant dancing with color alive like us and I'm watching you glowing

Nostalgia is effortless
it is the time-constrained mining of an infinite space and realizing not everything can be recovered even if it's all there to cull because there's no time because time runs down and

Nostalgia is the is of a character it is an inward facing rebuke a hand slap and embrace a
realization there's no going back.
It's the song ending in a minor chord
It's the story ending with the hero fading into muted sunset
It's the fish getting the worm
It's her hand finding his/ or hers/ or his/ or his/ or mine

This mine is mine

It/s your touch reawakening the remorse in which I found regret

but we all have regret.

22 January 2015


Crusade, let me tell you what I see: A man, a tall man bent on his knees weeping

a space

without delineation in solitude within a mob

the bell rings,

the chador whisps

voices whir

are you missing something?  don't you see what's going on?  they're talking to the space - the space they think is outside but is more likely inside because there's nothing outside except the seething anger and hatred exchanged for not accepting that which lingers on the inside as something that exists on the outside.

but mention this to religionists and you'll have a fight on your hands.

mention this to mystics and you'll have commotion to

deal with

try to convince him that ivory doesn't harbor any metaphysical properties or

the rabbit's foot is simply a severed paw

try to dissuade her of the belief that feeding her husband whale blubber will increase his virility

and imagine why there's a wailing wall - melancholy of remembering loss...

mention this incredulity to the witch doctor and a doll will be made in your honor that will ceremoniously be stuck with pins.

or the religious fanatic will bomb your clinic or your place of business
(or praise in idolatry worship the celebrity - a fine line, no?) 

have you got a headache, Fatwa?

07 January 2015

Adventures in human interaction

I enter the well kept and organized office.  I walk directly up to where the secretary is sitting typing something on her keyboard. There is a raised counter above her desk and I rest my hands on it.  But I try act nonchalant.

I wait patiently while she works and I casually look around the office.  I see that there are a couple of chairs along the outer wall and an empty coffee table.  I am getting the feeling that they have few visitors in the office.  That changes my initial assumption that they are lawyers.  There's a long hallway off which there appear to be several offices from which I can distinguish several different voices speaking.  They sound like they're on the phone.

As she wraps up what she is doing, the secretary acknowledges me with a nod of her head but says nothing.

I have no idea what the people who work in this office do.  I have no idea why anyone would visit these people and I have no idea what I am going to say to this person when she actually begins to talk with me.

Instead I only hope that I don't come across as some crazed maniac who's wandered in off the street looking to cause trouble.

My mission as I've set it to myself is to wander aimlessly into offices and inquire what they do.  In my mind this seems harmless enough and also a bit exhilarating.  How will people respond to a complete stranger walking in off the street asking open ended questions with no intention of doing business there?

She has finished her typing and has set her gaze on me.  "Hello, what can I do for you?" she politely asks.

"Well," I stammer uncertainly, "I guess I'm not really sure.  You see, I'm just kind of wondering what you do here."  My guess is that she'd quickly find a way to get rid of me is what she'd do right now.  I'd soon find out how wrong I am.

She smiles with a questioning expression and I quickly follow up my last statement, "See I walk by here everyday on my way to work and I'm just curious."

Now she's raised herself up in her chair and I'm not sure if she is thinking of this as an innocuous interaction or a treacherous one.  After she says, "You walk by here everyday?" I wonder if it now seems like I'm a stalker or an admirer.

"Well just on my way to work."  I'm beginning to lose my nerve and am about to excuse myself when she begins to explain exactly what they do.

"We work with recently settled immigrants.  We help them find resources, get housing, register their kids in school.  Basically we're a non-profit service assisting people in the transition to living in America."

I'm mesmerized and nearly stupefied.  She's caught me completely unprepared.  Nowhere in my mind had I come up with a scenario in which I might get a sincere answer.  That makes me wonder if there is something wrong with my world view.  What did I really think would happen, they'd call the police and have me hauled off for vagrancy?  That seems outlandish.

I ask, "How long have you, your company, been doing this?"

"At least ten years now.  We're always looking for volunteers.  Maybe you'd be interested."  Before I can respond she's turned around and is calling down the hallway.  "Joan, we have someone who might be interested in volunteering in the lobby."

As I parse the ambiguous nature of that sentence, I realize that I may have taken one of those bites that be can't chewed.  I have a few options, I can quickly explain that I'm not interested in volunteering, I can feign illness and ask for an ambulance, I could just run away.  Instead, I just stand there waiting to see Joan.

05 January 2015

The niceties of death

Amongst the weeds and thrushes the baby's basket bobbed as it floated in the waist-deep water.

And a miracle, that is to say, an event that cannot be explained by physical laws, and a moment, that is to say, an event that takes place in time, and a memory, that is an event embedded in the context of perception, gathered together as if to say, "I want to live; I don't want to die."

The innocuous plea of the mortal life resonates across time and across cultures.

Gone are the days.  Gone are the recollections in the waves of grief.