24 February 2015

how we call something when we call it

how we call something when we call
it, rambunctious labels as deleterious
as innocuous - is it possible to be a vacuous
configuration {question} -
but always categorizing every experiential^fragment
from the first gasping breath to the very second in which we begin
again. it's magnified

in comparisons when one thinks
in truths as contrast at its heart to just
one will of the world. imagine our friend spinoza without
his definitions or the main-man wittgenstein without
red. now ellipsis means more than
circular reasoning > has in store. and which pause is real?

extremist rhetoric: babbling bombasts patter
preeningly clamoring for the attention of
the vacant eyes & ears desperately clinging
to the sounds of words that carry some far off notion
of what it means to call something something (hence,
   the gesticulation). shrouded with images

the question has to be what benefits come from bamboozling
ideas $ things into boxes? to better know them
so as to alienate or differentiate or pontificate. as ourselves
as ours mimed in silent performances fomenting
lickety split = right away mr
Speaker = obsequious as silk stuffing
in a teddy bear shirt - like jelly beans
with mountainous
     hash tags as friendships.

number s dupe as symbolic as the others
aligned amidst a {ready for it} [it's the denoument]
world laden in endless strife. the suffering
guides the destruction of plasticine pictures
captured without regard & less is more. they believe
and we abide. our essence

is the same as all other phenomena. in harming them
we harm ourselves ... % agitation of strife can be
overcome by identifying with others. he's talking
about empathy there i think.  alas the renaming
means freedom for the deliverer but binding for
the receiver. and bound and boundless and

by the hollow significances that are our intentions
as calls for constant alienation constantly resonate
in the halls of the conventions
where determinations of codified identifications
perform a theatrical interplay. remember the design
for unification - unity is a ploy - 

why so worried about how to do? why so nervous - friend +
what;'s there to do but spend?: spent your time puzzling over the latest
spat between party makers, spent the days driveling over the gushers
& look where that got {amen sister}
transitions. closer to an essence
that doesn't belong in dreamy reality ^ offered ^ we
nonchalantly kick the bucket.

13 February 2015

lost again or my common unnerving struggles with intermittent dementia

lost again
it's lost again
just when i thought it was where
it was supposed to be
it was all pretend

i could have
remembered better
i could have branded it in my brain
just to find it there
where i thought i left it fettered

they're fleeting
transient occasions,
thoughts are, filtered thru the minutiae
of every second of awareness
a sentient being takes a place in

form perfunctory
chores that leave precious little
room to store where
i've put my damn property

are only things, true
and things can be replaced, of course
but i really wanted to never let
this one thing loose

it's reality
that does this to me
the realization i can't hold on to
the prizes that i've stored
along my countless journeys

so what? as
i knew you would say
and maybe it's nothing and never was
something or maybe it's
a sign of mental decay

i'm getting
old - so are you -
with full stores and little room for new
shelves or newer
ideas to peruse

it's a place
i've been often
not knowing how i've got to
where i am or if
i'm any nearer my own coffin

that's not to
be bleak or morbid
just an observation i hide in storage
as i search thru
all of the things i thought i'd already sorted

i'll never
find it not like this:
upset, worn, and flustered i should 
break down and admit
this search i may as well dismiss

it's lost now
i won't track it down
no matter what closet i look in
or rug i lift
the damned thing's not to be found

it's like that,
life, i suppose
things come in and then they go

for the life of me, though,
after all of this commentary,
i can't remember what i've lost
or why it was even necessary

07 February 2015

mush {sponsored by Life® Cereal}

There's some special enmity reserved for blizzards and such
and white creamy viscous mush
like the lush who the librarian has to constantly hush
   {-ed up exchanges drawn
                                    rigidly like bars of cages
     back and within politician's darkened negotiations - that's euphemism, comrade}
Stuck in muck with cars smashing and hashing 
amidst broken plastic and bent up alloys
                    nothing as depressing as an auto that won't go or as desolate as a cold
            bowl of old
        soggy oat
    meal with beaten up raisins in the deal
who wants to eat that anyway?
not even the dog likes the look of it
 /Insinkerators® eat indiscriminately/
Intertwined along the same
lines are the produce selections
   Don't we deserve to know where it comes from
and who picked it?
       Now  Let's talk candidly about the warming oceans...It's easy to forget
about the fishes we don't see or hear their wishes
               in canned tuna (in Cancun!) with Parasite Eyes
                                                           Pull them out and slop them down
Do we really think
we have a negligible effect?
And then there's the sausage
it's torture really we don't like to admit it whether it falls or sticks whether it's tall or kicks;
it's coping mechanism 101 or denial 202...
and we're acing it
It's a million little plastics:blocks on the floor in [sic] kid's playroom (sure fortunate to have a playroom don't get the wrong idea or intimate there's a different issue altogether) that's damned impossible to walk thru in the dark {!workout¡} without
stepping on
                                   blasted nuisance
       "falling stalling slippery slush all fluffy and heavy and cold to touch"
what about the trees? will they be blown away or their roots
damaged or the dishes cracked¿
it has to be asked
Even though nothing can{ned™ gods©} be done about t t t it [insert emoticon winking eye] traveling's the thing                                                                 it can't be done so sew,
wait [under weight overweight heavy weight], and watch
 ssss tall ed by blizzards and such
She says "isn't it lovely so fresh and innocent"
but she knows there's nothing innocent about it
Because someone has to clean it up.

04 February 2015


I have a question: is the average based on only the overall exams at what percentage and how does the written factor in?

Your final is this your final examination or
are you crzy
freshman dances?


That''s not enough to perform the top 80% - LOL u r not in line w/ quals.

Read the blog posted Black.

what called black? is that real

God's hymen
eh? =a-dhknrhyhadd :] maybe he's drinking.

Congrats on you're enthusiasm and zeal! say it w/ love and confidence.

Hi there you do not just talk begin field your face and your RANK
I remember the educational answers percentage wise but not
the background
otherwise I don't know - ashamed

I ttly agree with medicine thirty two @pegah look #hotstuff that's what makes perfect
sense. JCSS

unfortunately not - depending on the outcome top it off


@mongrel so good that someone might have a negative impact on the average sensation #examkeeper not to far off bit.s/hxcw/h56

now that's talking.

@sensationalhairlip here's a notice you might like hjf/skko.skjjkd/lpi check on then gbtm

@cncrashonmi not sure about the results could be #godlike but not surprised

I'm so nervous I'm 88 yrs old and have no influence. i don't know how they work maybe
up or down.

there always talking about casualties @hairlip now #medicalemergency not just walking away!

Such a law if ever I heard one...your ability to trust in God...sing his praise

You can put up to 3 months to get married?
I think you know what I mean
For success in exams and achieve what you want is a set of factors that go hand in hand equation is one of them!
All these factors together like gears that are Mvnnd that would play
       a particular purpose.
Try your quest for success

I have 1 question?
One of my friends was just experimental mathematics education consultant told her region did not affect the GPA
Aya, right?
Courses not even shared the same effect?

Incidentally, this is the time to ask some other people... That is now fixed share of 25% (for the string is less than 25%) of the rank of exams, 
the final exam will be taken and tests are now 75 

Thanks so much everybody for all the clarification! God be praised #gogodgo