24 February 2015

how we call something when we call it

how we call something when we call
it, rambunctious labels as deleterious
as innocuous - is it possible to be a vacuous
configuration {question} -
but always categorizing every experiential^fragment
from the first gasping breath to the very second in which we begin
again. it's magnified

in comparisons when one thinks
in truths as contrast at its heart to just
one will of the world. imagine our friend spinoza without
his definitions or the main-man wittgenstein without
red. now ellipsis means more than
circular reasoning > has in store. and which pause is real?

extremist rhetoric: babbling bombasts patter
preeningly clamoring for the attention of
the vacant eyes & ears desperately clinging
to the sounds of words that carry some far off notion
of what it means to call something something (hence,
   the gesticulation). shrouded with images

the question has to be what benefits come from bamboozling
ideas $ things into boxes? to better know them
so as to alienate or differentiate or pontificate. as ourselves
as ours mimed in silent performances fomenting
lickety split = right away mr
Speaker = obsequious as silk stuffing
in a teddy bear shirt - like jelly beans
with mountainous
     hash tags as friendships.

number s dupe as symbolic as the others
aligned amidst a {ready for it} [it's the denoument]
world laden in endless strife. the suffering
guides the destruction of plasticine pictures
captured without regard & less is more. they believe
and we abide. our essence

is the same as all other phenomena. in harming them
we harm ourselves ... % agitation of strife can be
overcome by identifying with others. he's talking
about empathy there i think.  alas the renaming
means freedom for the deliverer but binding for
the receiver. and bound and boundless and

by the hollow significances that are our intentions
as calls for constant alienation constantly resonate
in the halls of the conventions
where determinations of codified identifications
perform a theatrical interplay. remember the design
for unification - unity is a ploy - 

why so worried about how to do? why so nervous - friend +
what;'s there to do but spend?: spent your time puzzling over the latest
spat between party makers, spent the days driveling over the gushers
& look where that got {amen sister}
transitions. closer to an essence
that doesn't belong in dreamy reality ^ offered ^ we
nonchalantly kick the bucket.

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