07 February 2015

mush {sponsored by Life® Cereal}

There's some special enmity reserved for blizzards and such
and white creamy viscous mush
like the lush who the librarian has to constantly hush
   {-ed up exchanges drawn
                                    rigidly like bars of cages
     back and within politician's darkened negotiations - that's euphemism, comrade}
Stuck in muck with cars smashing and hashing 
amidst broken plastic and bent up alloys
                    nothing as depressing as an auto that won't go or as desolate as a cold
            bowl of old
        soggy oat
    meal with beaten up raisins in the deal
who wants to eat that anyway?
not even the dog likes the look of it
 /Insinkerators® eat indiscriminately/
Intertwined along the same
lines are the produce selections
   Don't we deserve to know where it comes from
and who picked it?
       Now  Let's talk candidly about the warming oceans...It's easy to forget
about the fishes we don't see or hear their wishes
               in canned tuna (in Cancun!) with Parasite Eyes
                                                           Pull them out and slop them down
Do we really think
we have a negligible effect?
And then there's the sausage
it's torture really we don't like to admit it whether it falls or sticks whether it's tall or kicks;
it's coping mechanism 101 or denial 202...
and we're acing it
It's a million little plastics:blocks on the floor in [sic] kid's playroom (sure fortunate to have a playroom don't get the wrong idea or intimate there's a different issue altogether) that's damned impossible to walk thru in the dark {!workout¡} without
stepping on
                                   blasted nuisance
       "falling stalling slippery slush all fluffy and heavy and cold to touch"
what about the trees? will they be blown away or their roots
damaged or the dishes cracked¿
it has to be asked
Even though nothing can{ned™ gods©} be done about t t t it [insert emoticon winking eye] traveling's the thing                                                                 it can't be done so sew,
wait [under weight overweight heavy weight], and watch
 ssss tall ed by blizzards and such
She says "isn't it lovely so fresh and innocent"
but she knows there's nothing innocent about it
Because someone has to clean it up.

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