29 March 2015


all the edges looked burned
decidedly insightful
standing there on the cliffs
overlooking the pale blue sky
filling the sad sea
ocean-caressed shore dotted with craggy charcoal
rocks & jet coral
{pilfered for medallions and statues
illegally harvested} branches
on underwater trees
reaching thru family trees
two stared into silence

she wondered (as was her
methods) why he didn't
her the way she was used to [used to do
when they fell] asleep close
d on each other 's warmth of under
drapes / she wondered why - with the power
of her mind - (shadowy imprecise
bundle that, love)
why she didn't roll over and rest
her head on his
pale bony shoulder 

it's she said like burnt toast
           so                      crunchy     so delicious  
        ly salty

craggy in her mind
he stared
sticky hands cheeks

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