22 May 2015

Walker and WEDC

What a joke good old WI is quickly becoming.  And what's become of our major newspaper the Journal/Sentinel?

It's as passive an entity as the Democratic party.

I clearly remember back in 2011 the praise the Journal heaped upon Governor Walker's creation of the WEDC.  I remember because I was still subscribing to that rag of a paper that has become a comfy armchair for Christian Schneider's conservative buffoonery.

I also remember just a few critics pointing out quite rightly that the WEDC was a wonderfully opaque curtain created just so Mr. Walker could push money via loans into the pockets of some of the people who helped him gain his seats of power.  For goodness sake, he erected himself as chairman and no one was the wiser.

These days, Mr. Walker has admitted WEDC is a failure, and in so doing admits that the Republican plan for "creating" jobs has also failed.

Either he's been fired from his chairmanship or he's resigned.  It doesn't matter.  He's no dummy.  He saw the writing on the wall that WEDC is in trouble and has been for some time.  He's reaped what he could from it now he'll step away and churn the words that money buys - the propaganda gears are turning.

The torn WEDC pieces will be cleaned up in some very simple press release brush strokes that the populace, who are simply nodding heads at this point, will dote over as aesthetically pleasing art overlooking the sheer inanity behind it. 

Hear the Republican chant now: we were elected to change and WEDC is not working so we're going to make changes (all said as Waukesha Co. roars with approval claps and pats on the back - "those good old Republicans know a thing or two about cleaning up messes" - "well they ought to they've created more than a few" - catch my drift?)

Republicans control the state of affairs in the State.  Democrats are handcuffed by the majority.  The result of this lopsided legislature is nearly complete failure on every level. 

By diverting taxes to fees on parks use, on bike use, on court use, on school use, on air use, the squirrelly Republicans can chime the mantra that they've cut taxes but it's all parlor tricks.

The budget is completely out of whack. So they've had to make drastic cuts and major fee increases.  And the jobs they keep blathering about are mostly low wage part-time and full-time work that simply do not pay people enough to spend beyond the necessities, which means the economy still flounders.  But minimum wage doesn't matter...sell it to the daisies, dingo. 

As Republicans bolster their propaganda scheme, Wisconsin slides into the obscurity of states to be avoided.  Why come to WI when MN is so inviting.

There'll be no improvement here anytime soon. 

And it could get a lot worse. 

Just think that if for some completely mind boggling unexplainable reason Mr. Walker were to become president, we'd be left with Rebecca Kleefisch as governor. 

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