08 June 2015

As it is today

Today you've got questions
, and to provide water
and electrolytes
(and PH, for sure)
they've worked so I put
these questions to both
of you
as an {associate and} another one
specifically for those as it pertains
to graduation and entrance 

[que]stions, as it may be
               are all these questions worth
the qualification?
whether it begin or end
             to whither or flourish
from an operating technician's point of view
   there is little difference
other than the sound
    the presence of a midwife
of course biochemists think this way too
  and that's got to be reassuring
especially to anesthesiologists
                 or loved ones of the

                  gather them all in 2009
  all the strands are available //.gob.ve
in this series there
           where we sit at the end and the start

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