26 November 2016

34978 unlock

34978 unlock
steins and ace milorganite

wood putty
          vinyl flooring 189 / square ft
    weed killer ant killer long
acting antibiotic convenia
if not

mandu, mandu - cereal fruit pizza bread

Owen - Uhaul


presentation not

have u heard that
car tags



turban ed separatists castigated the poor

i watch it. so i . know

it's built on sands
of slipping down into
ears. slapping wistful winds

n ä vw. 88 wasser

now the wretched east injun
just dont sweep.
fast enough. presents jackanapes persiflage
malingers in the stair
cornears 4



Joseph beuys
basim magdy time meant nothing but
the slow decay of meaning

08 September 2016

i don't know why i tend to feel on the verge of crying #fearoffuture

i don't know why i tend to feel on the verge of crying #fearoffuture
they canonized that twat teresa
as if to say to hell
with all of you who think you know so well some of us should
suffer not for the rewards
for a figment of one man's imagination
spread like a virus through the annals
of anthropological history
archived in the disheveled remains
of those previous primitive peoples we still know
so well. hear me? i doubt it none's listenin'
not to me anyhow - sad sack \ lo$
there is a truth but not one that looms
off in the nebulous ephemeral
indeed you're responsible
just as much as I
and now we can sit there and chuckle
knowingly because i believe
you feel as i feel
skin deep - deep deep in the depths of the layers
uncover soma rchtow ard just as such the
knoll the bloody knoll!

as the city burned, nude yoga

as the city burned, nude yoga
ensued. within the white walled
free-pure macro moved the Bullish
       integered weekend;
there & grilled-massaged with poverty
       itself: chocolate-life
    for non-phallic plans of freedom;
not the suspended
zen-yoga dude
captivating the online speculations
through nude
manifestations! as only the video can emasculate
 or eradicate iridescent fur
pride. long shaved remote areas
now unshaven. glistening
moist slightly drizzled
 droplets olive oil or baby
  oil beads of mattered
  life plasticized on her forward face
and necklessed around pink slow sloping
curves; we dreamed of it all
as numbers nonsensical
waged war; he refused to hear
that anyone could mesmerize unsustainable
  movements that day: and,
and this: the city burned
[the whole time the city

04 March 2016

clay feet

the roof i live under is made of sheets
of metal slick sharp slippery
that sings in the heat and
cries in rain

i memorized the lines of your face, instead of
dreaming of you
i draw you in crayons
and markers:
the watercolors bead on the wax
and i picture your teardrops
rinsing past my eyes and lips
gently on yours
graceful transcendent cheeks

drank all i could, to follow you,
just or ill-advised
trough-full of unwarranted {i say unwanted} pleas
that i leave
on your doorstep
and i wait
to hear nothing but the soft rain ring
on my sheer metal roof

05 February 2016

titular bananas

am  bloat-ed civically  chair dysfunctional for-profit hybrid

as effective  her  that   robust 
       faculty    delicious    
                                      her             aural
     let's nimbly outsource network consults
 futured he/she apps globally ensconced
once surreptitious
       funded out by his
           pointed preferences
him the graduate fancy pants worldly mundane
as is the new formation
and you alone on the bank
   sunken treasure of a beach
     where once we dance {or danced derisively}
       a leap her faith in you
         to believe
he said is true

how do you know for sure?

HALT! orgainize-d thought critical performance we perform
and that is a summation of sorts
as she wilts & capitulates who you r