05 February 2016

titular bananas

am  bloat-ed civically  chair dysfunctional for-profit hybrid

as effective  her  that   robust 
       faculty    delicious    
                                      her             aural
     let's nimbly outsource network consults
 futured he/she apps globally ensconced
once surreptitious
       funded out by his
           pointed preferences
him the graduate fancy pants worldly mundane
as is the new formation
and you alone on the bank
   sunken treasure of a beach
     where once we dance {or danced derisively}
       a leap her faith in you
         to believe
he said is true

how do you know for sure?

HALT! orgainize-d thought critical performance we perform
and that is a summation of sorts
as she wilts & capitulates who you r

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