08 September 2016

as the city burned, nude yoga

as the city burned, nude yoga
ensued. within the white walled
free-pure macro moved the Bullish
       integered weekend;
there & grilled-massaged with poverty
       itself: chocolate-life
    for non-phallic plans of freedom;
not the suspended
zen-yoga dude
captivating the online speculations
through nude
manifestations! as only the video can emasculate
 or eradicate iridescent fur
pride. long shaved remote areas
now unshaven. glistening
moist slightly drizzled
 droplets olive oil or baby
  oil beads of mattered
  life plasticized on her forward face
and necklessed around pink slow sloping
curves; we dreamed of it all
as numbers nonsensical
waged war; he refused to hear
that anyone could mesmerize unsustainable
  movements that day: and,
and this: the city burned
[the whole time the city

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