10 June 2012

Too Out of Touch

Mitt Romney described President Obama this week as "out of touch" because of Mr. Obama's remark that the private sector economy is "doing fine."

It's hard not to take Mr. Romney on his word.  I mean, if anyone would know if someone were out of touch, it's this guy. This is the guy who showed up in Detroit bragging about how many Cadillacs and homes he owns.

Romney's the guy who talked off camera with Sean Hannity about his wife needing to ride her "dressage" horse and the incomparable gait of his own mule.

This is the guy who thinks the poor are being so well taken care of by our government's safety nets that he's not concerned about them.  That's the same poor who are enemy number four on the Republican hit list, after Obama, unions, and teachers, and just ahead of defense lawyers, and environmental regulations.

This is the guy, Mr. Robomney, I mean, Romney is, who straps his dog to the roof of his car because it wasn't feeling well.  Obviously he was unaware of polls on which animal is America's favorite pet.

This is the guy who called pinning down a gay classmate and supplying a forced haircut one of his "pranks and hijinks."  But he didn't remember that particular, specific incident.

If anyone knows about being out of touch, it's Mitt Romney.  If Mitt Romney were any more out of touch, he'd be a moon rock.

If anyone can call Mr. Obama out of touch, it's Mr. Romney.  I mean, who knows out of touch any better than Mitt?  He's practically in orbit.  He definitely doesn't live up to his namesake - the catcher's mitt. 

The real question about choosing between which billionaire will lead our country for the next four years is not which one is more out of touch, what are billionaires in touch with anyway - teams of accountants and lawyers, and if your Chas Sheen, teams of whores, but the real question is which one gets more touch - because that's more human.  I think having a human for a President is probably a good thing. 

It's pretty clear that Obama's gettin' more lovin' than Romney.  A simple Google search reveals which of these candidates is more in touch.  There are the Obama results and the Romney results.  I thinks it's clear, everyone's in touch or wanting to "get some" of the Pres.

If the voting comes down to who's more in touch - gotta go with the black guy.  They are making more babies than white folks these days, even those with 3 or 4 wives.

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