14 July 2012

Zune beats the iPod‏

From:Steve Ballmer (Steve.Ballmer@microsoft.com)
Sent:Sat 7/14/12 1:09 PM
To: Spinoza


From:  Spinoza
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2012 4:25 PM
To: Steve Ballmer; Bill Gates
Subject: Zune beats the iPod

Dear Mr. Ballmer and Mr Gates,

I know that Microsoft finds itself in a tough fight for supremacy with Apple, a new position for a revolutionary company.  I have two suggestions for MS.

Here they are:

The Zune is a better machine than the iPod. 

But not many know it.


Because the iPod successfully created an invasive program that could interact with and in the MS DOS platform. 

The Zune then created a rival platform after the fact.

Here's a better alternative.  Everyone who sees my Zune actually expresses adoration for it.  But they won't buy one.  They'll buy a new iPod.  They'd rather use iTunes than the Zune software.  Now, I think they're crazy but I also understand.

Here is where people stay interested in the Zune:

What if the Zune's interface was Windows Media Player?  Suddenly everyone's looking again.

That would be the key!  No new software to download, automatically link to all of your library.  It's brilliant.

Now I've grown used to using the Zune software instead of Media Player.  But it really makes no sense.  There are people using PCs who have downloaded iTunes. 

I think Microsoft really should focus on the Zune. 

Then get NFC compatibility in every new machine produced.

Game over.

Anyway, you're welcome to use these ideas.  They're totally free of charge just like Hotmail. 

Thank you for Hotmail.



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